Janus is a god from Roman mythology and symbolizes the duality in eternal laws such as creation/destruction, life/death, light/darkness, beginning/end, man/woman, future/past etc. He is usually depicted as having two faces.

I decided to call this photoshooting „J A N U S“, because I wanted to show that we are not just one personality, but often we have two faces – or we are two faced, as Janus. In these pictures I’ve tried to represent the lovely and the dark side of my models.

T H A N K     Y O U


A special THANKS goes to my favorite make-up artist Katharina, my models Sabrina and Sophie, our personal stylist Maria and our amazing location Gärtnerei Schullian (Bozen).

Make-Up artist: Katharina Pöder

Models: Sabrina & Sophie

Stylist: Maria di Bernardi

Location: Gärtnerei Schullian